Saturday, February 24, 2007

Senator Madsen Doesn't Understand ACT Scores

In the February 9 Senate Education Committee, Senator Madsen presented his bill (SB57), to receive a high school diploma if the student passes the basic skills competency test and receives certains scores on the ACT (scores that rank in the top 15% of Utah students). When questioned by Senator Howard Stephenson what those scores on the ACT would be for Utah, Senator Madsen didn't have that information with him and tried to figure out what it would be , saying that the top score on the ACT was 30 (the top score is actually 36). He was quickly corrected (start listening at the 8:20 mark of the Senate Education Committee hearing on SB57 on February 9, 2007).

Is anyone worried that the sponser for a bill using the ACT as one of the criteria for a diploma in his bill doesn't even know what the top score on the ACT is?

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