Monday, March 31, 2008

State Treasurer candidate

Rep. Mark Walker from Sandy is running for State Treasurer. There are serious questions about his qualifications for this very important state-wide office. In fact, what are his qualifications? We'd like to know. Having observed his performance at the Legislature during his time in office, it seems that he was put on the House Rules Committee to give the chair and vice-chair another vote in their favor and to make him seem important for his latest run for office. The Deseret News ran an article today talking about vote-skippers in the Legislature. It came as no surprise to this observer that Rep. Walker "had the worst voting record in committees during this year's 45-day general session". His excuse is that he was busy running for State Treasurer and meeting with people about bills in the Rules Committee. Perhaps he should have been taking care of his current business rather than running for a new job.,5143,695266072,00.html