Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is There No Tact?

After an extremely difficult fight regarding vouchers during the 2006 campaign and the 2007 legislative session, I found it extremely ironic that Speaker Curtis scheduled a Time Certain vote for HB148 on Education Vouchers for private schools for the time immediately preceeding the recognition of public school teachers who had received their National Board Certification. Speaker, wouldn't there have been a better time to schedule that other than a time immediately following the vote on a bill that many in public education are so opposed to? It was a slap in the face of these public educators to honor them immediately after the vote on the vouchers bill, which many feel will be a detriment to public education.

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daltongirl said...

Since you're new to the blog world, I'm going to offer a tip: you're expected to post at least every other day. Otherwise the natives get restless.