Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Berserk Pigs

Sometimes floor debate in the House is hilarious. The Representatives were debating a bill this morning called SB 173 Emotional Support Animals and Pyschiatric Therapy Animals. I have no problem with people having emotional support animals. These are a necessary part of some people's lives and I don't intend to make fun of the animals or the people who need them. The funny part was the stories told on the floor about animals gone wild.

Rep. Sandstrom told about the havoc wreaked on a plane he was piloting when a large pig went berserk at 35,000 feet. It defecated, did damage, upset passengers, and generally caused a heck of a lot of problems. The gallery was totally out of control and practically rolling in the aisles. I was surprised that Speaker Clark didn't ask for order. Perhaps the fact that he was smiling pretty big at the time constrained him. Then Rep. Seegmiller listed the animals allowed on Amtrak trains. These included pigs, dogs, and even miniature horses.

What the? Miniature horses? Just imagine a cross-country trip with one of those as your seatmate!

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Natalie said...

i heart berserk pigs.