Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Bramblisms

Here is another interesting story about one man's experience with Bramble and again supports the characterization that Senator Bramble thinks he is better than the rest of us and doesn't need to follow the rules:

Then things got interesting. His son was helping take down the balloon and Senator Bramble starts screaming at him in a way that I thought was very inappropriate given the facts that he’s surrounded by people and he’s just told us how great of a leader he is. And what was it that his son needed to do so urgently? He needed to be chased by the dog. Now Senator Bramble has someone produce his dog for him. It is a pretty large dog, very muscular, perhaps a boxer. At this point I’m a bit nervous about him egging the dog on so I pick up my son and put him on my shoulders. He then commands the dog to “get ‘em” and takes the leash off. The dog races
across the park and begins chasing his dutiful son.

What’s wrong with this, aside from the screaming? Well, I’m sure that the dog is a gentle giant, but the park is clearly labeled as only allowing dogs on leash. Here’s the
highest ranking lawmaker in the state blatantly ignoring the law because it suits him in front of the mayor and several police officers. He’s just finished a discourse on what a great leader he is.

See Mormon Mentality for the full story.

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Natalie said...

I can't believe that he sicked his dog on his son. That sounds like abuse to me. Where's DCFS when you need them?