Saturday, February 23, 2008

Phrases You are Searching For

I happened to looking at some of the statistics for this blog and saw some interesting things in the phrases that people were searching for when they found this blog.

Here are some of the interesting phrases:
  • utah private school waiting list
  • math investigations
  • math investigations bad
  • math investigations utah
  • math investigations 2007
  • math investigations and higher math
  • math investigsations are bad
  • math investigations for parents
  • math investigations method
  • math investigations opinion
  • math investigations protest
  • middle school math investigations
  • investigations math
  • utah vouchers
  • utah heroes
  • albion basin flowers
  • are charter schools and vouchers detrimental to public education
  • beehive background checks
  • beehive math
  • beehive terrorist attack
  • beehives math
  • bulletin for utah state heroes
  • dougall school videos
  • larry h miller salesmen
  • lists of states with laws against ticket quotas
  • making a referendum
  • memory loss with oreo cookies
  • old face
  • senator stephenson
  • rep sandstrom
  • sandstrom utah county vouchers
  • sen madsen
  • tarsal coalition
  • to run against rep. carl wimmer

Some interesting notes:

  1. There is a lot of interest in math investigations
  2. Do oreo cookies cause memory loss? Why are people searching for that?
  3. Ditto for the phrase 'old face'. Why are people searching for that?
  4. Albion Basin is a beautiful area. If you haven't visited this area, make sure you do.
  5. It's interesting to enter these phrases into Google and see what pops up.

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