Thursday, January 10, 2008

Representative Steve Sandstrom is Surprised

After blogging about Representative Steve Sandstrom's role in the voucher vote (see here, and here), he is naively surprised that someone is going to run against him in the next election.
Steve Baugh has announced that he will run against Sandstrom in the fall election.

Sandstrom is a freshman legislator who reneged on a promise to voters during his campaign and during the 2007 legislative session to vote against vouchers (which passed by one vote). And now he is surprised someone is running against him. Steve Baugh is a former superintendent for the Alpine School District and now a professor at BYU.

What was also interesting in the article was the people that were saying they were switching to be Democrats after being Republicans all their lives. I keep hearing about winds of change in Utah county as people get more and more frustrated with their elected representatives.

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