Saturday, October 13, 2007

Voucher Advocates Get Desperate

I suspected it was going to happen. Our sign, asking people to vote against Referendum 1, was stolen from our front lawn. Not only ours, but a total of three in our neighborhood were taken. I'm sure there were a number of others.

I guess that some of the people that are advocating for "choice" don't want choice for everyone (as in my choice to express my view on this issue) nor do they believe in the First Amendment.

I suppose it shows desperation. I hope that those are fighting against vouchers aren't taking pro-voucher signs. I know I haven't. I will try and make my points without resorting to criminal acts.

When we get another sign, I am already scheming ways to defeat those that I'm sure will continue to try and steal it again.

UPDATE: We got a new sign, only had it a couple of days, so I hadn't had a chance to exercise my scheming ways, and someone stole it again. That does it. Tonight, I will be working to make it extremely difficult to take again.


daltongirl said...

I saw two pro voucher signs near your house that had been uprooted and lain down flat on the ground. I wondered if that was your way of retaliating, but I think you would have been smart enough to completely remove the signs.

I considered uprighting the signs, because I don't want our side to appear to be as petty as the opposition, but I rationalized that maybe the residents were rethinking their position and had taken the signs down themselves while they deliberated. So I left them alone.

007 said...

What if we went out and just switched all the signs? Now that would be interesting! And cause mass confusion. Just what we need right now!

cdmom said...

I have not had any problem with the signs in my yard. In fact I have a few sitting in the driveway for a few people to come by and pick up and they are not leaving fast enough! If you need one, I have one, I even have one more big sign if you really want to get the word out.

007 said...

Thanks for the offer, cdmom. We did get another sign, and I have made it very difficult to take. It's not impossible, but it's been about 5 days now and it is still there.